5 creative craft projects against hibernation

When the Christmas season is over and the new year has dawned, many children will start the hardest time of the year. It is still too cold for most recreational activities and it is still pitch dark on the way to school. But the dark season does not have to worry – creative craft projects for the whole family can help.

1. Make flowers – get in the mood for spring

Even if the winter outside still covers the beds with ice and snow, we can already conjure up the spring inside. The making of flowers is fun and awakens the creative spirits from hibernation. Whether palms, roses or daisies, there are no limits to creativity here.

As a minimum equipment scissors, several thick craft boxes, glue, a ruler and a pencil should be present. If you want, you can also go to the forest and collect branches or pine cones there. You can then hang the finished artwork on the window, so that spring may come a few days earlier.

2. magic faces from paper plates – perfect for person rates

Do you still have paper plates from the last Grillaktion at home? Then use them to make colorful faces. With just a few materials you kill two birds with one stone: The craft itself is already fun, but you can then play a round of person rates.

© Markus Spiske

3. Wood carving – brings life to the shack

Too cold for a zoo visit? How about bringing your pets home with your children? Wood carving is a perfect afternoon activity for elementary school children and stimulates creative thinking.

Alternatively, you can carve mandalas or other patterns. Then it is recommended to enrich the contours with white paint. So you conjure timeless works of art and bring life into the apartment.

4. Create funny sea animals – bring the ocean home

Do your children know which creatures there are to discover under water? If not, you just bring the oceans home. All you need is cardboard boxes, shaky eyes (they can be found in almost every craft shop), horseback and a creative mind. After crafting you can attach a quiz to it: Write important facts about the animals on the back and ask each other. Who knows the most facts wins.

Make sea animals BERLIN WITH CHILD
© Paola Aguilar

5. Paint balloons – create the right winter ambience

If the temperatures go down in the winter in the winter, that can ever depress your mind. But not if you create the right winter ambience at home. What colors give you and your children peace, warmth and strength? Buy white balloons and paint them to your heart's content.

tip: If you want, you can refine the whole construct with a glow stick even further. Thus, the balloon glows like a lamp and radiates heat throughout the room.

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