Brilliant mummy for the Halloween party

In addition to delicious finger food, a creepy Halloween party also includes the matching decoration. We'll show you how to make a luminous mummy out of a simple glass jar.

Brilliant mummy for the Halloween party


an old glass (for example from a jam)
a bandage
double-sided adhesive tape
a tealight


1. Cleans the glass and removes old paper scraps. Then unscrew the lid.

Second Next, take the bandage and wrap it across the glass. When the glass is completely covered, cut off the rest of the dressing and glue the end down with double-sided tape.

Third Now you take the Wackelaugen and attached them with double-sided tape.

4th As a last step, you light the tealight and put it carefully in the glass. Alternatively, you can also take an electronic tealight, then there is no risk of burns and it lights up all night long.

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