Cozy knit pants for babies and toddlers

When autumn brings its cool days, you usually not only feel like cuddling up, but also knitting cozy things for the family. We'll show you today how to knit pants for babies and toddlers.

Cozy baby knit pants


Virgin wool yarn (100% merino wool, 160 m / 50 g running length), 50 g in petrol green, 100 g in beige
Circular Needle No. 3,5 (length 40 cm)
Knitting needles No. 3,5
wool needle

Finished size

50/56 (62/68, 74/80)

Stitch sample, pear pattern, needle No. 3,5

24M × 35 R = 10 × 10cm

Do it yourself: Cozy knit trousers for babies Toddlers knitting pattern // RASPBERRY
© Gräfe und Unzer / Photographer: Ulrike Froemel



Rib pattern:

1 stitch on the right, 1 stitch left on the change.

Large pear pattern in rows:

Row 1 (back row): 1 stitch on the right, 1 stitch left on the change. Row 2 (back row): Knit stitches as they appear. Row 3 (back row): 1 stitch left, 1 stitch right alternating. Row 4 (back row): Knit stitches as they appear. Always repeat row 1-4.

Large pear pattern in rounds:

Round 1 and 2: 1 stitch on the right, 1 stitch left on the change. Round 3 and 4: 1 stitch left, 1 stitch right alternating. Always repeat round 1-4.

Cozy knit pants for babies toddlers
© Gräfe und Unzer Publisher / Photographer: Jochen Arndt

Step 1: The legs

Cast on 40 (48, 56) sts in total with the teal green yarn and Needles No. 3.5, and knit 1 reverse row.
Now work for the bunch 6 R in the ribbed pattern, knitting off the first and last st as Rd sts.
Change to the beige yarn, and continue working in the big pear pattern. Always continue the Rd-M.
For the gusset in the 21st (29th, 29th) R from the waistband increase 1 x 1 sts on both sides of the cross thread, then in every 4th R 6 x 1 sts and 1 x 3 sts. In the 50th R (52nd, 52nd R) from the fret you get 60 (68, 76) sts. Shut down all sts. Knitting the second leg just like the first.

Step 2: The body

Take the disused M of both legs on a circular needle, and close the 120 (136, 152) sts to the round.
Now continue on 58 Rd in a big pear pattern.

Step 3: Double Bundle

Knitted for the waistband with the petrol-green yarn 16 Rd in the ribbed pattern. Work 2 holes for the drawstring in the 5th round. For this
Mark 3 sts towards center front (1 st 1 st, 1 st st, 1 st st). Knit in front of the marked M 2 sts, after the marked sts follow 1 U, then knit 2 sts again. In the 17th round cast off the M loosely. Turn the waistband inward, and sew the last row of bows to the first row of cuffs.

Comfortable knit trousers for babies and toddlers // RASPBERRY
© Gräfe und Unzer Verlag / Photographer Jochen Arndt

Step 4: Completion

Closes the inner leg seam in the mattress stitch, and sews all the threads. Strike now with needles No. 3,5 and the petrol-green yarn 3 sts, and knit a ca. 70 cm long cord. At the end of each R do not turn, but push the M on the right side of the needle, take the needle in the left hand and pull the yarn tight on the back of the work. Then knit the M off to the right. Repeat this procedure until the desired length is reached. The cord pulls itself thereby to a hose together. Sew the beginning and end thread of the drawstring, and use the wool needle to thread it through the openings in the double waistband.

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