Federkopfschmuck homemade!

Decorated with feathers, armed with bow and arrow, the leather fringe flapping, ride on the back of a Mustang through the prairie – dives into the wild world of the Indians with this beautiful feather crown for DIY.

Crafting Guide Indian feather jewelry
© The Nook Children's Studio


Download the template for the Indian jewelry and print it out on thick A4 paper.

TIP: You can download the download for free with the code RIMBEERFUN18 (until August 31, 2018).

Crafting instructions for headdress // RASPBERRY
© The Nook Children's Studio


Now you cut out all the elements and stick the paper feathers and the real feathers on the back of the paper tape. Above all, the real feathers can be fastened with the adhesive tape. Finally, you simply cut off the ends of the feathers.

TIP: You can also glue other materials such as grasses between the feathers.

Crafting instructions for headdress // RASPBERRY
© The Nook Children's Studio


Cut a small hole in the marked areas in the paper tape and thread the elastic tape through. Now you just have to adjust it to your head, so that the feather crown sits well.

TIP: With colorful pompoms or tassels, the crowns look really great. Just thread them through the hole on the side and your personal Indian feather crown is ready.

Have fun crafting!

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P.S .: An attentive reader has kindly pointed out to us that disguise as an Indian can be understood as everyday racism. We also find that this is a controversial issue where the ghosts divorce. Anyone who wants to deal in more detail with the "cultural appropriation and everyday racism in carnival", this blog is recommended to the heart.