Hex Hex! Fragrant potion!

Finally summer! The flowers are blooming and the fruits are ripe – we would like to store this fragrance for the whole year. We'll show you with this summer DIY how children can make naturally scented potions. Also a good idea for the children's birthday!

Sometimes you lose the relationship and the closeness to nature in the Berlin urban jungle. It is especially nice for the summer holidays to be inspired by books like "playground nature" and to find the way into the green. "Playground Nature" shows with DIY ideas, games and knowledge about plants how much fun you can have outside with the whole family. We especially like this summer DIY!

Perfumed Potions

This is a good occupation for a children's party. The children will create magic potions with fervor, collect flowers and crush each other, and enjoy the scents and colorful colors.

Every child gets a plastic cup with some water. Alternatively, the children could also form groups to mix together in a pot a potion.

Each child first looks for a stick to mix.

Challenge the children to look for leaves, petals, or fruits that they can use for their potion. You should choose things that look pretty and smell interesting.

Perfume yourself with flowers and Moerser
Mash flowers and herbs and leave to soak for the perfume water © Jo Schofield

That's what you need:

  • Dense plastic cups or glasses / jug
  • water
  • Pestle and mortar

Safety tips:

  • Remind the children that such potions are meant to be seen and smelled – never to drink!
  • Ensure that no poisonous plants are used!

The children can mix their finds directly with the water in the container or first pound them with a pestle in a mortar.

When everyone is done mixing, the kids call together. Find a name for all the potions together, give them around and let everyone get a taste of them. Be Forewarned: Mostly some clever kid will have given something stinky in his potion.

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