Math feasible!

We hear the school bell ringing and sewing again to make it easier for our ABC shooters to get the Big One Plus One, this delightful calculator. Of course, the Recheneule is also a little friend and companion beyond the math lessons. A clever gift for the school bag!


We need that:

  • Different colored fabrics (at least two different ones for one owl)
  • needle and thread
  • Craft template for download
  • wadding
  • a leather strap
  • a decorative silk ribbon – matching the colors of the owl
  • Pearls in two different colors (10 pieces per color)
  • Foam rubber for ornaments
  • Wackelaugen
  • a pair of scissors and a pen
Recheneule naehen Stoffzuschnitt
Shape of the owl and the wings transferred to the fabric © my printcard

1 / To make the calculating owl, we transfer the shape of the owl and the two wing parts from the stencil to the fabric.
We cut the individual pieces of fabric – it should be noted that a seam allowance of about 2 cm must be added to the body of the owl.

Recheneule pattern // RASPBERRY
The owl grow wings © my printcard

2 / To give the owl two wings, the two pieces of fabric are placed between the two body pieces of fabric.
The body pieces point inwards with the nicer side of the fabric.

Zusammense together computer
Sewn carefully by hand © my printcard

3 / Now we can start sewing the owl together. A small hole must remain open, however. The beginning and end of the seam is shown in our template.

4 / Through the open part of the seam, we now put the owl inside out, so that the wings can be seen later.

Fill the computing column with cotton wool
It should not be too soft and not too firm. © my printcard

5 / In the next step, we fill the owl with cotton wool. The filling of the small owl ears must not be forgotten.

Recheneule naehen // RASPBERRY
Sew the leather strap tight © my printcard

6 / To tie the string of pearls tightly to the fabric owl, we sew the leather band directly to the owl: we tie a knot in the end of the leather band and place it in the upper part of the owl.

7 / Now we can continue the seam and close the owl.

Reactor of calculation
For the five-row, always thread five beads of alternating color. A tail piece of space to move the beads! © my printcard

8th / Alternately, we now thread 5 pearls of each color onto the leather strap until we have a total of 20 pearls on the chain.

9 / Foam rubber, Wiggle eyes and decorative tapes we stick as a last step on our owl.

Have fun!

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